Protection Pro



ProtectionPro gives retailers the advantage of producing screen protectors for any type of device without all the hassle.

Cut in store, on demand!

ClearPlex, a leader in providing protective films in both the automotive and consumer electronics industries, has developed an innovative solution called ProtectionPro that allows touch screen and full body protective films to be cut in-store, on-demand. ProtectionPro combines cutting edge hardware with cloud-based software allowing a network of machines across the globe to instantly deliver cut-to-fit product to customers. Our digital library currently contains over 3,000 templates for mobile devices including, watches, cameras, laptops, MP3s and many many more.


The ProtectionPro simplifies and streamlines a retailer’s processes for buying, inventorying, merchandising, and selling screen protection films.

  • Increased Profit Larger margins, with zero obsolete product markdowns and the ability to service more customers, means a positive impact on the bottom line.

  • Inventory Management Retailers can avoid the risks of overstocked inventory and high SKU count, simplifying replenishment and accommodating more customers.

  • Speed to Market ProtectionPro gives retailers the power to have touch screen protector and full body protector designs ready to sell on the day that a new device is launched.

  • Retail Space Shelf space can be limited to well-placed and well-designed signage that informs customers that the store can make a screen protector for any need.

  • Green Solution Eliminating retail packaging leaves a smaller carbon footprint.